Caps and plugs

Plastipro Canada and its employees have well over forty years of experience in custom molding of plastic Caps and plugs for the Cosmetic, Food and Pharmaceutical industries. We pride ourselves in offering our customers a personalized service large enough to handle high volume orders, yet flexible in meeting individualized custom needs.

Custom Caps

From 3D concept drawing, to rapid prototyping, to the making of single cavity prototype mold to high precision caps-in-colors unscrewing & hot-runner production tools, we can assist you in all aspects of your packaging development, with on-site tool makers and designers.

Plugs & Orifice Reducers

Plastipro Canada Ltd. has been supplying the packaging industry with a comprehensive line of stock Orifice Reducers, which can also be customized to your specific requirements.

Plugs & Orifice Reducers

SizeItem No.Orifice
12mm0.325N/A0.100N/A3500036 lbs0.3250.6300.4250.035
15mm0.4250.0500.100N/A2500034 lbs0.4250.5650.4950.035
18mm0.5000.0500.1000.1651800033 lbs0.5000.5250.5750.060
20mm0.5400.0500.100N/A1500033 lbs0.5400.5700.6500.035
20mm0.5720.0500.100N/A1500033 lbs0.5700.5400.6450.035
22mm0.6400.0500.1000.1561100030 lbs0.6400.5500.7300.060
24mm0.7150.0500.100N/A900031 lbs0.7150.6000.7800.035
24mm0.7590.0500.1000.234750032 lbs0.7590.5400.8500.060
24mm0.7650.0500.100N/A700031 lbs0.7560.5650.8600.060
28mm0.8650.0500.100N/A650030 lbs0.8650.5650.8950.035

Nasal Plugs

SizeDescription Orifice (DM)Orifice (DL)Orifice (DS)Case PackCase Weight
18mm.500 Nasal Plug0.032N/AN/A1375030 lbs
18mm.500 Nasal & Tube*0.032N/AN/A300020 lbs
* Assembled with a 3.75" or a 4.25" L.D.P.E tube (0.115 Diam.)

Unless otherwise specified material is L.D.P.E and part dimensional tolerances +/-0.005 inch.
Recommended Bottke neck finish should be between -0.007 and 0.015 inches of an orifice reducer shank.
All Dimensions are for reference only. please refer to the individual part drawing for actual dimensions.